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What is Foreign Entity or foreign entity qualification?

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Posted On : Fri Aug 28th,2009


A foreign business entity is an entity formed under a statute or common law in a jurisdiction other than the state in which your corporation was originally formed. The foreign LLC or foreign corporation is registered with the state where you want to do business. It is also known as Out-of-state entity.

For Example: If your company is incorporated in the state of California, but now you want to expand your business in the state of New York, then you would have to file as a foreign entity within the state of New York. In other words - you must apply for authority to conduct business in New York.

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Comments (8)
fudmer   wrote on : Mon Nov 23rd,2009
What kind of acorporation is it, that is registered in a state within the US , d/n get a FID, limit s its activities to foreign only,qualifies under the haque documents procedures in many different foreign jurisdictions, and is basically answerable to no one?.   wrote on : Sat Dec 05th,2009
Could you please send us an email in detail?
David Smith   wrote on : Wed May 05th,2010
I want to form online retail biz with owners in 4 different states. Please advise
Reply :

You have to foreign qualify your company other than your home state to conduct business. For instance, your principal office is in New York and you want to conduct business in the state of NJ, MD and VA then you have to foreign qualify your business in NJ, MD and VA of your New York company.

Garshove Dacht   wrote on : Wed May 05th,2010
Can a foreigner open a business in US?
Reply :

To establish a company in USA it is not required to be neither a resident nor citizen to form company in USA. Non-USA Resident has to follow the following guidelines.

  • They are required to have a physical address 
  • Any legal person can be a registered agent of entity.
  • PO Box is not acceptable
  • To maintain company which are required to file yearly annual report
  • To keep that company in a good standing it is required to file State Taxes if applicable, Federal Taxes
  • Being a Non-Resident USA, it will only be liable for State and federal taxes and it may not be required to pay USA Social Security and Medicare Taxes
  • They can either form a C-Corporation, sole proprietor or an LLC but not an S-Corporation, because to form an s-corporation they have to be a resident or a citizen
  • But the C-Corporation can be converted any time to an S-Corporation once the individual get the status mean become a permanent resident of USA
  • There is no limitation to open a bank account as a non-us-resident
  • There is no restriction to hire employees under their entity
  • Non-resident USA can open a foreign entity of their existing oversees company to conduct business in USA, or if they have the same members or shareholders then they can open a separate entity.It will serve the same purpose
  • To create a foreign entity of existing oversees company they have to obtain certificate of good standing/certificate of existence or certificate of status that the company is legally registered
  • To create a foreign entity, existing company has to be in a good standing to execute a business.

Stuart Alex   wrote on : Tue May 25th,2010
I have a foreign llc, filing a 1065 for operations, but being foreign llc are there other required forms. I believe the 1065 exempts them from the 8865.
Reply :
Your question is not clear. Are you a partner of a foreign LLC or non-us-resident and doing business in USA as an LLC? 1065 is not exempted if you hold LLC in USA and the purpose of 8865 is as follow:

A partnership formed in a foreign country that is controlled by U.S. partners is required to file tax Form 8865. Control means that five or fewer U.S. persons who each own a 10% or greater interest in the partnership also own (in the aggregate) more than 50% of the partnership interests. 

A US person who is a partner in a foreign partnership (or an entity electing to be taxed as a partnership) is required to file Form 8865 to report the income and financial position of the partnership and to report certain transactions between the partner and the partnership. The form is required to be filed with the partner's tax return.  

A controlled foreign corporation (with multiple owners) that elects to be taxed as a disregarded entity, should file Form 8865 and should file a Form K-1 for each U.S. partner.

aber samuel   wrote on : Fri Feb 25th,2011
i want to partner with you people, what do i need to do before under taking this business. pls sent to me any information .
Reply :
Dear Aber Samuel, Can we have more information about your proposal please?

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tom   wrote on : Fri Feb 24th,2012
I want to reguister in florida and I am a CT companmy I am goign to hire poeople and add a warehsoue I am past 90 days and I dont understand why if I didnt intend why do I have a 90 day deadline Okease help me do this right
Reply :
Dear Tom:

Thanks for considering for your business needs. We can help you registering Certificate of Authority or Foreign Entity  in the state of Connecticut of your Florida Corporation.

Turn around time is 7-10 business days. To place an order you can either call us at 516.822.3100 or use the following link.

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Jason Harris   wrote on : Fri Apr 12th,2013
Hello, I am contacting you to see if you are able to help - we are an Australian registered company working mainly in the Wine Industry. We have seen rapid demand for our products in the US wine market. We would like to set up a US Trading bank account to the US and grow our US business. We contacted HSBC Bank and they advised that we need to obtain a 'authority to do business in the US' Can you help us with this process? Is the information given to us by HSBC Bank correct? looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards - Jason Harris
Reply :
Dear Jason Harris:

Thank you so much to choose for your business needs. Yes, we can help you to obtain Certificate of Authority of your Australian Company in any states of USA.

To Establish Certificate of  Authority, you can either use following link to apply for or email us at for any additional question.

It is also known as Foreign Qualification. Meaning extending business in other country or state.

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