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How can I change the name of my Corporation or an LLC?

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Posted On : Fri Aug 28th,2009


A corporation or LLC name is changed by filing an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation or Organization. The name change amendment may be adopted by the corporation’s board of directors, unless its articles of incorporation require that the name change be adopted by the corporation’s shareholders or by LLC’s Members or Managers.

For example, name changes for a corporation may require consent of the company's board of directors, officers or its shareholders. The new company name must be available on the records of the state. If the name is not available, the state may reject the company's name amendment.

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Comments (5)
Doris Calvert   wrote on : Wed Dec 30th,2009
I am currently incorporated as a subchapter s under the name of Calvert and Associates, Inc. I have sold the assets of my company but not the name. I want to retain the corporation but change the name to Calvert Enterprises. What do I need to do to make this change?
Reply :
Dear  Doris Calvert:  First we thank you for choosing for your business needs. To change the name of your company please use the following link to apply.

Please click here to apply:

If you have any question please either use our 24/7 live chat service or call at 516.822.3100
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Michael Holland   wrote on : Wed Mar 10th,2010
In November of 2008 I registered my company as MHE Printing LLC. At the present time my company provides other services and I'd like for my company name to reflect that diversity. How can I do this without changing my original date (November 2008)? And what is the cost of doing so? Thank You, Mike holland
Reply :
Dear Michael Holland: Thanks for choosing for your business needs. You can create dba under your legal company to reflect your other services.  As far as the cost is concerned it depends on the state and the county you are conducting business.

Please use the following link to either check the prices and apploying for your dba.
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Deacon Robert Willis, Jr.   wrote on : Mon Mar 22nd,2010
We recently registered "TEAM MobileNet" as a LLC. We would like to change the name to; "WiMax MobileNet, LLC. Pleaer let us know how to do this as sson as possilbe. Thanks, Deac.
Reply :
Dear Deacon Robert Willis, Jr. : Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To amend the name of your existing corporation please use the following link.
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Lori   wrote on : Fri Apr 09th,2010
I just incorporated a new business out of Delaware and I was wondering how to change the name it is not even started operations yet. How would you do this?
Reply :
Dear Lori : Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Please  either use the following online form link to apply business name change or call us at 516.822.3100 for any assistance.
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Frank   wrote on : Wed Nov 03rd,2010
The ownership of the company I represent requested that I look into the cost associated with changing the name of an LLC that has been in existence for about a year.
Reply :
Dear Frank:

 Thanks for choosing for your business needs. We need additional information to give you the right answer. So, request you to please call us at 516.822.3100.

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