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A Corporation ,Limited Liability Company, Partnership, LLP, LP or any other legal entities name may be adopted if the name is not the same as or too similar to an existing name on the records of the Secretary of State or if the name is not misleading to the public. When determining name availability, names are checked only against names of like entities registered with the Secretary of State.

Names are not checked against trademark or service mark registrations or against fictitious business names. Prior to adopting a proposed name, the name may be checked for availability or reserved. Stationery, signs, etc., should not be ordered and no financial commitments should be made until the appropriate formation, registration or change documents are submitted to and filed by the Secretary of State.

A free preliminary check of the availability of a name can be requested by emailing a completed Name Availability form below. Checking the availability of a name does not reserve the name, has no binding effect on the Secretary of State or and does not confer any rights to a name.

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