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Company Name Change

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What Is Name Amendment?

Name Amendment reflects changes to the legal name of a corporation, LLC or any other legal entity. Companies are authorized and bound to do business using their legal names filed with the registering State. If a legal entity will be changing its name, for that change approval must be taken from the state before applying that change into the business.

If you decide to change any information listed on the original formation document for a corporation, LLC, you need to file an Article of Amendment. When the name of a corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) changes, a name amendment may be required in states where your company conducts business.

What is an article of amendment?

An article of amendment is a formal document that is filed with the state of registration when any corporation or Limited Liability Company or any other business entity wants to change its legal name.

When should I file article of amendment?

If you have decided to change any information listed on the article of incorporation for a corporation, LLC or any other business type, you need to file an Article of Amendment. When the name of a corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) changes, a name amendment may be required in states where your company conducts business.

How is a Corporation or LLC name changed?

A corporation or LLC name is changed by filing an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation or Organization. The name change amendment may be adopted by the corporation's board of directors, unless its articles of incorporation require that the name change be adopted by the corporation's shareholders or by LLC's Members or Managers.

For example, name changes for a corporation may require consent of the company's board of directors, officers or its shareholders. The new company name must be available on the records of the state. If the name is not available, the state may reject the company's name amendment.

Can I check the availability of name? will do preliminary search to check the availability of the name to avoid rejection before submitting the amendment to the state. You can also check the availability of name for FREE by using this link our Free Company Name Search.

What do you mean by change corporation name or change LLC name?

Change corporation name or change LLC name refers to the choice of your business name. You may come up with new name that best describe your business. Instead of forming a whole new corporation or LLC, you can do so by filing "Articles of Amendment" or "Certificate of Amendment"

How can I file article of amendment?

When you have decided to change your existing name you need to complete �article of Amendment� and submit it with the state of your registration. can prepare and file all related paperwork to amend your corporation or LLC name in any of the 50 states. Feel Free to contact at +1 (866) 754 4460 or chat online 24/7

Can I file article of amendment online?

Yes, you can submit your order online with, You can complete online application in just 3 easy steps that will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Click here to Order Now.            

What happens if the name(s) I choose are not available?

If the name(s) you have requested are not available with the state, will contact you with additional name options. When placing your name amendment order with us please provide three name options to secure a name choice and eliminate a potential delay in the processing of your order.

Can I conduct my business using different name?

Yes, if you want to use the name other than your legal name, a doing business as (DBA) / fictitious name can be filed with the registering state and/or county in the state in which the company is formed and if applicable foreign qualified. A DBA is used if the company intends to transact business under a name other than the legal name that appears on the article of organization.

Will my Federal Tax ID or Licenses change with the filing of article of amendment?

No, if you will file article of amendment, your federal Tax ID or any Licenses associated with the previous company name will remain same. However u will need to notify the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) department and other state agencies about the change.

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