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Retail Food Establishment License

New York State only!
$ 100.00   + State Filing Fees
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Retail Food Establishment License

If you are Retail food establishments that conduct any type of food preparation such as meat or cheese grinding, heating foods, sandwich making, operate beverage dispensing machines, prepare sushi, salad bars, or other ready to eat exposed food packaging activity.

Description of Food Processing
Baking: bread, rolls, pastries, pies, cookies, etc., wholesale or retail in-store bakery operations, including bake-off operations
Blending: spices, herbs, seasonings at retail or wholesale
Bottling at Retail or Wholesale: fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, apple cider
Catering: off-site service of foods prepared at establishment (off –site preparation may require local H.D. Permit)
Cooking or Heat Treatment - Retail or Wholesale: frying or cooking fish, cooking lobster, shrimp, raw pretzels, re-warming pretzels – popcorn, retail popcorn popping, wholesale popcorn popping, chocolate candy molds or forms, melting chocolate, hot chocolate unit, cooking chicken wings, meat products, hot dogs, meat loaf, sausage, eggs
Cooking or Heat Treatment: lasagna, pasta and sauce, complete dinners, pizza, nachos, cheese, soups, meat pies, knishes, cappuccino units.
Curing or Brining: retail ham, corned beef briskets, pigs knuckles, feet, tail, wholesale U.S.D.A. processing plant, salted fish
Cutting, slicing, eviscerating or shucking: cold cuts, ready-to-eat meat, cheeses, bread, rolls, bagels, fish filleting, shellfish shucking, whole fish eviscerating, cut fruit or melon, cut vegetables into ready-to-eat sizes.
Dehydrating: fruit, vegetables, beef jerky, herbs and spices
Freezing: frozen dessert machine, ice cream, yogurt, slush, ice milk, shaved Ice, serving dish or cone hard ice cream, retail ice production and packaging
Grinding: poultry or meat at retail, grating cheeses, retail coffee grinding, wholesale coffee grinding,
Mixing Meat & Grinding with: seasoning, meat loaf mix, meatball mix, pan sausage or patties
Mixing Salad Items: tuna fish, macaroni, potato, coleslaw, fruit salad, vegetable salad mix
Packing/Repacking from Bulk at Retail or Wholesale: exposed candy, cheese curd, salads; tuna, chicken, egg, mixed foods and pasta, etc., pasta - cooked or dry, dried fruit, dried vegetables, cereals, ready-to-eat sprouts or cut vegetables, acidified foods � vegetables, exposed ready-to-eat foods
Retail Repacking of: stuffing sausage into casings
Pickling or marinating: fish, herrings, meat, poultry, vegetables, cabbage, fruit, olives
Roasting: beef and meats, coffee, nuts, barbecue chicken, ribs, beef
Smoking: fish, meat and meat products, cheeses

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